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Meet Dr. Thomas Lavallais

Dr. Thomas Lavallais is a sought-after speaker and professional development expert whose high energy, engaging, fun, yet thought-provoking sessions inspire workshop participants to take action and change to increase their efficiency and growth in their field. Dr. Lavallais works with educators at all levels, specializing in helping those who serve at-risk students in urban and culturally diverse communities.

What is Dr. Lavallais all about?

Teaching and Motivating Students in urban and culturally diverse schools is a continued struggle for many educators in K-12 and Higher Ed. With students presenting a variety of learning abilities, coming from diverse backgrounds, and juggling a myriad of responsibilities, the “how to” ensure student success is still an ongoing discussion.

Award-winning educator and former professor Dr. Thomas Lavallais shares research-based strategies from 12 years of experience to help create best practices, creating the optimal student success model. He offers strategies that both students and stakeholders can implement to transform the student experience and revolutionize the student development process.

What participants perceive as boring workshops transform into exciting and engaging tangible experiences that directly benefit them. When educational stakeholders create a transformative learning experience that is culturally responsive to their audience, moving the needle on strategic goals is easy. After leaving a workshop with Dr. Lavallais, you will motivate, instruct, and engage all of your students through improved best-practice strategies.

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